Yesterday the Captain was three-fourths of the way through his work week (two days work, two nights work, three to four days off depending on if that last day is a week day or not in which case he gets most of the day off but still has to go in for PT at ass crack o' early in the morning and honestly it's all just very complicated). Anyway, it was the second day of night shift so he was pretty much asleep all morning and then left early in the afternoon for work. Also, normally the kid is pretty happy rolling around on the office floor, smacking things with his toys, shoving toys into his pie hole, trying to stealthly burrow under the futon to begin setting up his secret lair, all that stuff pre-walking midgets do.

So I figured with Captain not demanding any of my attention and the kiddo doing his eight month old thing, I would have time to sit down and write fic, which is something I've been wanting to do for AGES.

Yeah, that did not work.

I mean, I wrote maybe two paragraphs and double checked some research (pages and pages and pages of notes on Australia I shall probably never ever reference, but that's how I roll, yo) and I had one of those brilliant AH-HA moments when I suddenly figured out how to get the two big plot point/plot lines of the fic to merge without going "Ok, so we've got Plot Point One covered so... ok, info dump out of no where for the next part".

Which, by the way, I've seen some fics do and I just go "Seriously? You think resolving the main focus of your fic up to this point - ie, Snape and Herms are in lurve and/or getting their groove thang on - and you apparently don't want to stop getting reviews on the fic you've already got established so you just tack your ideas for a sequel on to the fic and hope we won't notice that suddenly the happy couple are now being stalked by this insane ex-Death Eater that has sworn to murderate them both but that we have never even heard of before in the entire first seventy chapters of your fic?" I mean, I'm sure insane stalker fic is awesome... but it should probably be it's own fic. A sequel. Hell, even call it Book Two of the Never Ending Grape/Snermione/whatever you call SS/HG hookin-up fic epic quadrilogy. I don't care what you call it, just stop writing fics that are 184 chapters long and are actually three different story lines all shoved together so that the day Herms (or Snape) gets out of the hospital/watches a nasty get sent to Azkaban/tells the other they're in love, they don't end up being abducted by mutant aardvarks forcing Snape to spend the next twenty chapters trying to get them back. Because no. Story resolution. Learn what it means.

And I've become utterly distracted, haven't I?

Anyway, so I did some research and wrote a little bit and the kid didn't want to drink his bottle but he was hungry and he may be teething, I can't tell, and the husband was all "I forgot to eat before work, can I have some money for food?" and the Demon Spawn wanted cuddles and more cuddles and then didn't want any cuddles and then changed his mind two minutes later and I can not type while holding a squirming eight month old.

So, while I have ideas for both of the new WIPS I've been trying to write (one of which is so seriously overdue that I actually feel ashamed and will not be posting any new fic or chapters to Walls until I have it finished and ready to give to the person it was promised to ages ago) and my mind is constantly giving me details and scenarios I can't actually get the time to sit and do it without everything else getting in the way.

In other totally related news - the entire house has been cleaned top to bottom, just in time for the dog to pee all over the dining room carpet (and we're out of the dog pee enzyme cleaner stuff) and one of the cats to barf on our bedroom floor. Also, there is pink hairdye all over the shower grout because of reasons.

PS - If I ever finish it, anyone want to proof read a fic set in Australia? There may be marsupials and/or Luna involved. But not a marsupial Luna because that would be weird. Or at least weirder than normal for Luna.

From: [identity profile]

Hhmm, if I use the laughing Kate, maybe she'll think I'm laughing at her. If I used the Oh, Shit Kate maybe she'll think I'm upset because she's not churning out fic. If I use the wolf and moon, nah, that's when I'm all down in the dumps or the situation is dire. I know! I'll use Jareth! He's cool, and hot, and she likes him!!

I'd offer to proof read, but I suck at commas, semi-colons and such, as you well know. I know Meg is super busy (she got a promotion I think and went from teaching to the office).

Such is the life of a Mama. ;) I can't tell you it'll get better, but take every cuddle you can get while you can get it. Hhhmmm, maybe start using a recorder of some sort so that all you have to do is talk into it while you cuddle/take care of William? That way you wouldn't loose any of your ideas to "Now, what was it that occurred to be the other day, damn it! I had it all worked out!" He'll be off to school in what seems to be no time flat (honest), and then you have time to write until he gets home from school and you have to help with homework.


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