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I feel bad and beautiful

In all the strangest places

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Name:Miss Miah
Birthdate:Oct 5

I feel bad and beautiful

in all the strangest places

Who Am I?

I'm a nerd. I'm a stay-at-home Army spouse with far too much time on her hands. I'm a crafter, a knitter, a scrapbooker, creepy lawn gnome painter and writer. I'm a fanfic writer.

My Family

I'm married to an adorkable fellow nerdling I call Captain, who hasn't remembered to update cptn_oblivious in years. We've recently been blessed with our very own Demon Spawn and have two additional little ones of the four-legged furry variety - a black cat called Bellatrix and the self-proclaimed Alpha, Roswell.

Fandom and Friends

My journal isn't Friends Only, and I'm fairly open to new friends. Most of the time I'll friend back if you give me a heads up. However, if you're just looking for my fic, you'd be better off friending darnedchild.

Other Journals

missmiah - My main posting place.
darnedchild - My fic, random as it is.
Missmiah @ IJ - Mostly empty, utterly boring.
Darnedchild @ IJ - Fic LJ Mirror
Missmiah @ Dreamwidth - Personal LJ mirror
Darnedchild @ Dreamwidth - Fic LJ mirror.

For RP, fic, etc. purposes - I, missmiah / darnedchild, am over 21 years of age. Consider this journal to be rated PG-13, for I have been known to use naughty words.

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