So far my early impressions of Colorado and our new duty station have been... less than favorable.

First, Colorado was unseasonable warm the day we arrived and our hotel AC didn't work. I called down to the front desk several times as the temp rose in the room and was told a maintenance request would be filed and someone would be around... tomorrow. The next day the weather was milder and the room was cooler and maintenance did not show up. The day after that it snowed. And the heater did not work. Another call to the front desk, another assurance that maintenance would be called and a not at all subtle reminder that there was an infant slowly freezing in a room that was in the sixties and maintenance showed up. That's when we both discovered that the AC/Heater for the room HAD BEEN TURNED OFF AT THE UNIT THE ENTIRE TIME. I was pissed, obviously, but giddy enough at the thought of future heat that I let it slide because the vents were finally blowing air into the room. Twenty minutes later I realized the air was actually cool and the room was down to sixty degrees. As you can imagine my next call down to the front desk was not a friendly one. By the time the poor put-upon and extremely helpful maintenance guy returned to confirm the heater was borked, I had our bags packed and piled next to the door and had told the irritating lady at the front desk that we WOULD be moved to another room. And we were, because I am apparently scary when I'm pissed, according to some sources who may or may not be married to me.

ALSO, the afternoon we arrived, we went to the only building on the map that was labeled Housing Office, because that's what new personnel are told to do when the first arrive and before they actually sign a lease. Except it wasn't the correcting Housing Office, they only handled on-base housing, which is privatized to save the US government money and is in no way at all complicated and annoying. We do not want to live on base for numerous reasons that include having a menagerie of furballs (which exceeds the furball limit for base housing), not wanting to be told how long our grass is allowed to be and being fined for yellowed grass spots/noise/visible trash cans/etc, and generally just not being the kind of people who enjoy nice, friendly communities who all know each other and work together. So we were sent to another building, which did not have an office that had any sort of Housing label on it so we were just supposed to figure out which of the many doors would have the person we were looking for behind it, only to figure out that the only door that was closed and locked was the exact one we were looking for. Apparently official office hours from six thirty am to three pm does not include anything from tenish to one because that would be silly. We weren't even sure we were in the correct building because the office was in the enlisted soldiers dorm and isn't that just a stupid place to put a completely unrelated office? Then we went to Captain's new place of work, to see if they knew where Housing would be. They did not, because they were almost positive the office had moved, but they thought it might be in this other building. It was not. It had been, but it had in fact moved. They sent us back to the very first place we'd visited, who confirmed the second place should have been correct, but then sent us on to yet another building where the boss of the missing woman had an office and by this point it had been HOURS WASTED AND I WAS PISSED AGAIN. And then the lady only gave us a pathetic list of rental websites that didn't even apply to this town, much less the entire state of Colorado and I knew that if I didn't get off base and find something to distract myself I was going to start stabbing people in the neck with a ball point pen.

AND, the only house we've actually managed to arrange a viewing of was probably infested with vermin and smelled of animals (not clean animals, gross farm-like animals who pee on carpets) and the rental contract had several "fees" in the fine print that totaled nearly five hundred dollars more than the advertized rent and application fees and I barely managed to keep from laughing in the realtors face because OMG no. Just. No.

So I've been living out of a suitcase in hotels and guest rooms since April 22nd, and eating crap fastfood because the base only has three sub-par restaurants and somehow they can't even meet my incredibly low standards for Burger King/Subway food and there is no reason anything that is meant to for human consumption should smell like squishy cat food and I am so over this.

Over all of this.

The one bright shining star in this cluster fuck was introducing the Demon Spawn to a swimming pool at one of our hotel stays. It took a few moments for him to adjust to being surrounded by cool water, but then he discovered what would happen if he slammed his flailing arms into the water and suddenly there were smiles and giggles and Mommy trying not to drown in the deluge. So that was nice.

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Good job being a frightening presence - I cannot believe it took them that long to give you another room!


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