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([personal profile] missmiah Mar. 25th, 2013 05:07 pm)
Previously on Miss Miah's LJ - Pictures of the Demon Spawn looking a bit like a muppet, a panda eating a biscuit and a bunny.

I've returned to organizing my life with list making because I can't remember to do anything without writing it down anymore. Plus, Captain can't be arsed to remember anything unless I write it down for him and he's pants at reminding me to remind him to do anything so...


List for me of things that have to be done before we leave Georgia. List of things we need in the car with us when we get to Colorado. List of things that have to be done today specifically. List of things Captain has to do because I can't do it for him (believe me, I would if I could, so that I could be certain they were actually being done). There's even a list of lists I need to make.

I wish I was kidding.

On the other hand, it is times like these in which my super annoying detail oriented personality excels.

Anywho, am thinking of taking the Demon Spawn to see the creepy as hell Easter Bunny on base tonight, or Wednesday night. Demon Spawn slept through his Santa visit so we didn't get to experience the traditional small child traumatized by Santa screaming fit I was expecting, so this could give us a second chance to cross that parenting milestone off our list.

And I just had to untangle the child's leg from one of those beads on curvy metal frames toys that kids (and adults, admit it, you'd play with one - also his is much simpler than that one because he's only five months old) love. First time he's had any interest in playing with it, had it for ten minutes while I sat here calling the local kennel for the furballs boarding, and somehow managed to get his entire leg up to his thigh caught in it. Then he looked at me like "How did that happen?"

I haven't had a chance to write (anything other than lists) in ages, but I am planning to have limited internet (thank goodness for smart phones) access from the 22nd until I'm actual installed in a new house, plus a bajillion hour car ride broken up over several days, so I am hoping (knock on wood, fingers crossed) to get some fic written then.

I'll be sad to move. It will be nice to be closer to family and my old friends from college, but I've made new friends here AND I really hate moving and unpacking by myself.


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