An extremely quick run-by update since I haven't posted since we were being admitted to the hospital on Thursday the 11th.

Captain and I have a son.

Demon Spawn was born at 37 weeks and 3 days. He was just over six pounds at birth, 20 1/4 inches long (part of that was his little cone head though, so he's actually a wee bit shorter now) and he's beautiful in my completely unbiased opinion.

If I feel up to it later I'll come back and tell you all about being stuck in the hospital for over a week, the just-shy-of-forty-hours of labor and the medical intervention necessary to finally get Demon Spawn out, plus ending up back in the hospital on Saturday for an additional three days because someone who is about to get reported to the base's patient advocate did not order testing for a very obvious case of severe jaundice and instead fobbed us off on another doctor the next day (other doctor did order the test and managed to get us admitted to the children's hospital within an hour - yes, it was that bad).

Also, pictures later.

For now, I need about a billion hours of sleep.

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Congratulations, & I hope you & Demon Spawn are doing ok now that a (competent) doctor has seen you.

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Congratulations! I hope you get some of that sleep - sounds like you could use it even more than most new moms.

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I hope William is all better and that you get the sleep you need. I'm just so happy for you I can't hardly stand it! ;)

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He IS beautiful. The pics I saw were perfect.

Congratulations again. I'm so glad he got here safely.

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Congratulations! Much happiness and long life to your new son :)


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