The Demon Spawn had his four month check up today. (Posted pictures yesterday, in case you missed that and wanted to see him looking like a demented Christmas elf.) Took his shots like a trooper, cried for less than a minute and then was all smiles (with just a hint of suspicious side-eye whenever anyone came close with something in their hands). He's chubby, but not obese, and he's on the short side (just like both his parents). Still hitting all his age milestones and then some, so we're all very proud on that score.

Talked to the doctor about when we should start the kiddo on solid food and she told us we could do it now, but I think we're going to wait until after he's six months old. I've heard that it's easier on their stomachs to wait that long and it would be a lot easier on us if we can get through the move in late April/early May without having to figure out how to deal with feeding the baby solids on the road/before the house is unpacked.

So... this morning was spent at the hospital taking care of baby things, yesterday was spent at the vet taking care of cat things (two hours at the vet with three cats and a little one who has recently decided the world is far too interesting to waste time on naps) and car things, Sunday was a board gamer meeting where we had to discuss actual serious issues rather than just sitting around playing 7 Wonders and Ticket to Ride (not that we didn't play 7 Wonders after the serious stuff), Saturday was Star Wars because my players want to actually fight all the zombies (yes, zombies in Star Wars... it's canon) and save the world(s) before we move.

It's been busy lately.

I need to wash bottles and shower because the Demon Spawn expressed his satisfaction with lunch by grinning at me with a mouthful of milk, then I hope to get an hour of writing in for the first time in WEEKS. Fingers crossed, knock on wood, etc.


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