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Also, the house is coming along. Slowly.

The boxes left in the house--and there are still many--are all neatly stacked and organized for optimal unpackability, because that's how I roll (which is another way of saying that I'm too anal for my own good). Furniture is in place for all the rooms except the kitchen/dining room, because that room is still undergoing the deep cleaning process. Captain finished installing child locks last night, and assures me that he will be moving on to scrubbing ALL the things with a vinegar and water solution today or tomorrow.

It's a four day weekend for Captain, and while I have scheduled several "fun" activities (the movie he wanted to see yesterday, a board game meet-up tonight, a RP planning session tomorrow) I plan to work him into the ground the rest of the time.

I am tired of not being able to walk into my kitchen without making the "I smell poo" face, and there are a lot of boxes still to unpack. I haven't flipped out about it yet, because I still have the fix (six?) boxes of stuff for my office to deal with, and three or four boxes of assorted small breakable things to find homes for, plus twelve boxes of books that will need bookcases to live in eventually. So it's not as if I don't have anything else to do right this second.

As far as house issues, we are down to the closet bar, the bathroom vent fan and light fixtures, and the dishwasher. I mean, there are other things (hello stinky kitchen) but those are the ones that the landlord has promised to deal with.

OH, and I still have a closet full of garbage bags of clothes because I have no where to hang them yet. So those are my back-up "I have nothing else to do" activity.

Anywho, long story short (too late) - there is progress being made.


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