The Demon Spawn has his first cold.


There is a chance that it's not actually a cold and is, instead, the beginning of a lifetime of torture known as hayfever that he probably inherited from both his mother and father (I don't even know if it's possible to inherit pollen allergies, but it sounds nice and ominous, yes?), in which case... oops.

Anyway, I have an amazingly good natured and cheerful child because he's all smiles and giggles for me in between the sneezing, coughing, running nose, snot suctioning (he's not terribly fond of that), puffy eyes and general difficulty breathing and eating. I know I get miserable as heck when I'm sick, and Captain is worse, so I have no idea where the Demon Spawn gets it from.

Someone remind me of this five years from now when I am lamenting how I have to tie the child to a chair and force cold meds into him because he won't stop crying/screaming.

Anywho, there is much I want/need to do today, and instead I think I'll be cuddling the sick one and catching cat naps whenever he passes out and can be put back in his PnP for a bit. We don't nap on the big bed together because I am super paranoid about everything about squishing the baby.
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