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( Jul. 26th, 2012 12:34 pm)
Am not dead even though I haven't posted in a month, apparently.

Just really been busy.

Have exchange fic that needs at least a good chunk of wordage finished so I can turn it in in... four or five days (yikes) so that I can prove that even though I am a giant slacker with far too much on my plate right now and I'm running around like a chicken with my head cut off, I am at least a headless chicken who has proof that there is exchange fic being worked on in my 'puter and that my assignment will be completed by the deadline (please, please let me finish my assignment by the deadline).

I'm hoping the mods aren't expecting actual proofed fic parts at this mid-point check in cause I haven't even started talking to a beta yet because... well, slacker.

ALSO - I went home to KS for a few days and had baby showers! There were people there just to say hi to me and give me (technically the demon spawn, I guess, but right now he's still just a parasite so I'm pretty sure that counts as me again) presents. So many little outfits and towels and hats with ears. HATS WITH EARS!

Okay, enough with the girly squeeing, but it was super awesome to see people I haven't seen in years again. At the family shower there was a second cousin I have not seen since she was maybe five or six? She's graduated high school and having a baby a month after me now. So many years.

One shower was Harry Potter themed (because I have awesomely dorky friends), so there are a few pictures of me dressed up as a pregnant Slytherin student standing next to my dorky Captain in his Ravenclaw tie. If I remember, there may even be a pic or two posted on LJ later - probably more posted on Facebook where some of the people in the pictures can see them.

House is about to be turned upside down as we begin to shift my office/craft making furniture into Captain's office (we're going to share, yay /sarcasm) so that we can turn this room into the future nursery. Lots of furniture has to vacate Captain's office to make room for me first, which means some furniture has to move out of the living room to make room for Captain's furniture... I'm sure you can see where this is going. And I'm still going to be left with a random Futon that I can't decide if we should keep or try to sell (seriously $150 for the wood sided futon and a huge fluffy pad, is a good deal, I swear).

Plus, I need to write Thank You notes this weekend, send a care package to Captain's sister in which ever desert she's currently stationed, pack my office, finish knitting the chalice lace baby blanket, start knitting the next in a long line of hats/blankets, WRITE TWO HG/SS FICS (OMG NEED TO DO THIS NOW) and clean the house up before the parents come to visit in two weeks so they can help us move the big pieces of furniture and also so they are not sleeping in a slightly dog tinkly scented living room (I'm glaring at you Colonel Brandon, we found what you did in that corner and we do not approve).

OH, and finally, the dog got his yearly haircut and they shaved him down to the skin almost this time. He looks so sad. It's hilarious, honestly. I feel sorry for him and give him carrots and tell him how handsome he is in a bid to try to boost his self-esteem.


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