I haven't been in a coma or anything. I blame Beck introducing me to Tumblr. I spend far too much time scrolling through gifs and posts about Hannibal and Teen Wolf (I don't even watch Teen Wolf, I'm just amused by how angry some of the fans are because the dude who runs the show apparently can't remember his own name, much less show continuity and he's really big on killing off the POCs and the womens in the show, also people on my list ship two of the dudes who are barely in any scenes together and even though I don't watch the show I've started reading Sterek fic that one of the ladies on my list links to... which, if I may remind you, is slash fic which I generally do not read, for a show I don't watch, involving two characters I know nothing about other than people think they should do the sex) and anti-anti-vaxers trying to tell anti-vaxers to stop trying to kill us all, kthnx, with some random Labyrinth and Sound of Music gifs thrown in for variety.

The Demon Spawn is growing up fast.

The house is a mess, but I've been sick the last few days so I just don't care. We'll clean over Captain's weekend so that one of us can keep an eye on the kid while the other scrubs toilets or whatever.

Went to Colorado Springs for an Army marriage retreat last weekend. Lots of sitting around discussing how to love your wife and respect your husband, with a side of religion through in, but on the whole it was interesting. The Army paid for the hotel (the Antlers Hilton) and most of the food at the hotel plus a meal out for a date night, and they arranged child care for Demon Spawn whenever we were in a session and four hours on Saturday night so we could just get away and be a couple rather than a trio. Then we went to the Garden of the Gods after the retreat and I walked a mile and a half through some really pretty terrain.

We're hoping to go back to Colorado Springs to do some other stuff soon. Colorado Springs has a lot of touristy things - Manitou cliff dwellings, the North Pole, Cripple Creek and the Molly Kathleen mine, a creepy ass bug museum that I got dragged two twice as a child, Cave of the Winds. Stuff like that.

Sadly, I've managed almost no writing since January. Which is a huge bummer. But Demon Spawn demands more and more time AND we got a PS3 over the holiday so I've been playing Minecraft while he naps because... Minecraft.



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