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([personal profile] missmiah Nov. 4th, 2012 07:20 pm)
Am out of the hospital, got out rather late last night after promising to be a good girl and stay home and rest and to not get excited or to do anything more strenuous than picking up my son for the next week or two. My OB (who technically should no longer be my caregiver but who told me to cancel my appointment to see my primary care doctor at two weeks postpartum and to see her instead because she had suspicions about my health because I'm pretty sure she's friggin' psychic or something) wrote Captain a doctor's note for his commanding officer telling them that she recommends he have the next two weeks off because I need a baby sitter and apparently can not be trusted to take care of myself or my child if left alone. We're waiting to see if his leave will be approved or not, but for now he was told not to come in tomorrow morning.

So, once again, that's awesome.

We did discover that the headaches I've been having since the Demon Spawn was born are not just annoying headaches but migraines and the reason the Tylenol hasn't been helping much is because Tylenol does NOTHING for migraines (for me, at least), apparently. Neither does percocet. Although percocet does help me clear out my stomach rather effectively, but then again, so does a migraine after its had a chance to set in for several hours without any ibuprofen (which they wouldn't give me at the hospital because I wasn't allowed to eat and ibuprofen on an empty tummy is a bad thing).

We're not sure if the migraines were contributing to the dangerously high blood pressure or if the dangerously high blood pressure was contributing to the migraines.

I did get some lovely new meds to treat the migraine, but much like the magnesium sulfate IV, the new meds mean I can not breastfeed my son. Because I am a stubborn cow, I refused to take the migraine meds today until I was able to pump one last time in an effort to provide some breast milk for the little bugger because I'm already feeling like a complete failure as a mother as it is.

Captain called in someone from the office he's assigned to on base (his current boss actually) to come babysit me and the kid today while he went to the store. That wasn't embarrassing at all.

Looking to the bright side, in the future, when the Demon Spawn is in his twenties and married and getting ready to have a kiddo of his own, I can totally remind him of how he tried to kill me from the womb. That should be worth some extra guilt induced grandparently cuddling/spoiling rights or something.

Finally, since it was make jokes or cry a lot during the latest hospital stay, I kept trying to smile and be funny and I most of the nurses joked along with me, but the day nurse on Saturday... I don't think she got my sense of humor. She definitely did not get it when I held up one of my socks as I got dressed to get discharged and said, "Dobby is a free elf!" and then made Captain take a picture.
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