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( Jan. 14th, 2014 12:30 pm)
Demon Spawn is walking. That's so difficult for me to accept for some reason. It seems like just yesterday he was a chubby cheeked ball of bad smells and cuddles that needed me for everything, and now he's little Mr. Independent, wanting put everything he finds on the floor into his mouth and chase the cats and pull things off of bookshelves.

Today he figured out (by watching Captain do it) that the door to the garage opens up if you twist the handle and he's been trying to manage that every time I turn my back. Thankfully, Babysaurus sells the over the handle locks that fit this type of handle-knob thing, as well as the ones for the more traditional round knobs.

Round knobs. Snort.

Oh goodness, I need a nap.

Anyway, the point is that my son is almost fifteen months old and officially a toddler and I've already got people asking me when we'll be having baby number two.

WTH, people?


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