Still pregnant. Still cranky. So that's "normal".

Captain and I celebrated our tenth wedding anniversary this weekend. We drove out to Atlanta and spent the day at the Georgia Aquarium because I like looking at the sharkies and Captain likes it when I'm happy. Sharkies apparently do not "do it" for him, his loss. Also, they finally had the Harry Otter shirt in hippo size so now I've got a picture of an otter with a lightning bolt scar and some glasses and a wand on my chest. AWESOMESAUCE.

We also went out to our current favorite local Japanese steakhouse and split a virgin strawberry daquri and ate nummy food.

In crappy news, we came home after Japenese to discover the house AC had died and it was OMG hot in the house. On a Friday night. So that sucked. Captain dragged nearly every fan we own into the bedroom and aimed them at my side of the bed, so I managed to get through the night without dying. Saturday we said screw it and went to the PX and splurged on a window unit for the bedroom, which is where I plan to spend the next few days on my laptop working on fic or knitting until the AC guy has a chance to come and fix our AC. Captain and I suspect it is a Freon issue, as we have had a very similar experience before with other house ACs.

Also, the ceiling fan in my office has been broken for about three weeks now AND part of the popcorn ceiling in our bedroom fell down (probably because of water damage from the roof that may or may not have been repaired at some point) on the 21st and the repair guy for that has been dicking us around since the 23rd and lying to me, Captain and now the realtor. Captain is dealing with the issue because I'm about two seconds away from cutting someone thanks to pregnancy hormones (and also because I'm just a cranky person who despises liars in general). I refuse to let the repair guy in the house without Captain around because he skeeves me out, and every time Captain gets off work to be home because repair guy makes an appointment... repair guy does a no show. THEN repair guy tries to claim that he totally did not say he was coming at that time, and obviously we are confused. He actually tried to pull the old "your wifey must have gotten the dates confused, you know how women are" crap and I swear I was about to reach through Captain's phone to rip his nards off, but Captain very wisely walked into the other room and away from the homicidal woman.

So, quick recap, bedroom ceiling falling down because of water damage, office ceiling fan not working and now AC not making with the cold air blowing in June in GEORGIA, married to that guy for ten years and no one has been "accidentally" smothered in their sleep with a cat yet.

In other news, I'm pretty sure I felt the baby move Thursday night. Either that or I had gas. Both things feel remarkably similar at this stage, so I've been told. There was no pooting and the whatever it was was moving around so I'm going to go with baby because that makes me happy.


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