I've managed to lose two betas for my Sherlolly Big Bang fic, which is sort of a blow to the self esteem. They didn't even tell me why, just never got back to me after I sent the first few chapters. One said she hadn't found much wrong and told me she'd send the suggested corrections soon and that was in September. I've sent reminders several times and there is always an excuse and a promise. The second beta was the husband of one of my cousins. Two chapters and then nothing. I'm getting paranoid that my fic sucks.

From: [identity profile] madeleone.livejournal.com

Good beta's are hard to find and keep, that's for sure. I don't think it's a reflection on your fic, sometimes people just get too busy with RL stuff and maybe don't want to disappoint you by saying no. Although if you're like me you'd rather have them decline to beta than accept and not follow through.

Glad to hear you are writing again, although I never got into the Sherlock fandom myself. I am plugging away myself for the sshg_giftfest. I have at least one or maybe two chapters to go and only a week left. YIKES!

Anyway good luck with your writing and your fest. :)


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