After more than ten years of the Demon Cat leaking eye gunk on me, peeing on my things, peeing ON ME, and generally being a jealous cow about our dog, me, and the baby... Captain has finally decided that perhaps it is time to put Loki to sleep.

Both of us are understandably upset at the thought of putting him down, and even though there are days when I hate that cat so much, we are both heartbroken.

Two months ago when he literally walked up to me, turned around and peed in my face, I was pretty much ready to call it right then, but Captain gave me the sad puppy eyes and I agreed to spend $200 on a comprehensive vet exam to make sure there wasn't a physical issue like a UTI or some sort of bladder thing causing him to do the peeing thing.

There wasn't.

The cat is one of the healthiest eleven year old cats the vet had ever seen. She also didn't understand how I managed to put up with being peed on for a decade, which... THANK YOU. At least someone appreciated my pain and restraint.

However, that meant that Loki's renewed determination to pee on all of -my- things and a new found aggression with the Demon Spawn was a behavioural thing. AND, since my husband has still not managed to fulfill his daily responsibility to drug the Demon Cat to try to chill the little shit out...

We're giving up. We're horrible furparents. We've considered rehoming him but 1) who is going to want to adopt a cat that sprays on all the things and 2) Loki has been Captain's cat for eleven years and is very very attachhed, and I honestly think separating them at this point would do a lot of harm to Loki's psyche. It's about quality of life, and we just don't think Loki would be happy somewhere else. And we're not happy with him here.

People are going to say we should have tried harder (TEN YEARS OF BEING PEED ON, I TRIED A LOT OK) blah blah biscuit cakes. Yet none of those people have ever offered a solution that doesn't involve me sucking it up and washing cat spray off my stuff for another decade.

Plus, I'm pretty sure Captain is going to change his mind and talk me out of it anyway. he always does.

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You can't take the risk with the baby if nothing else. You might be able to find a mad cat lady to take him on.

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It's always hard to put a pet to sleep, no matter the reason. Putting up with that situation for 10 years definitely means you're NOT horrible furparents. You do, however, have the higher responsibility to William. He comes first. Always and forever. If that means Loki has to go (one way or another) that's the way the cookie crumbles. Who does the Captain love more? His son or the cat?

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If anyone says you should try harder, offer them the cat.

I had a cat named Babyface (gorgeous gray long fur) when I brought Devin home. The second time I had to wash ALL OF HIS THINGS because the cat peed on them, I got rid of the cat. There is no comparison and I wasn't willing to have a baby and put up with that,


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