I did the treadmill stress test and echocardiogram thing for my heart yesterday. Although I only managed six minutes on the treadmill at a whopping max speed of 2.7 mph, I did not die so I consider that an over all win. I also got to see the live feed of the ultrasounds they did of my heart, which was kind of creepy cool.

The down side was they spent nearly an hour trying to get an IV in so they could inject me with some dye to make the heart images better and never managed to actually get the IV going. They brought in the "vein expert" and he stabbed me twice, the second time resulting in my legs flailing around like I was being electrocuted because OMG someone trying to put in an IV in the back of your hand without deadening it first HURTS LIKE A SON OF A FISH. But I did not move my arm and I only screamed a tiny bit and I did not curse anyone's parents for bringing their horrible spawn into the world to mutilate my arm, so... win again?

Anywho, they were able to do the ultrasounds without the dye, and they called me yesterday afternoon to tell me my heart looked normal so I didn't need to panic about that.

And I'm wearing a heart monitor for a month, which is already irritating the heck out of my skin where the electrodes are attached, because of course it is. And I discovered last night that wearing a sports bra to sleep is not terribly comfortable, but I can tuck the monitor sensor into the cleavage without worrying that it's going to unplug during the night. Unfortunatly, it appears that the cleavage also provides just enough insulation that the sensor doesn't adequately broadcast to the receiver on my nightstand if I'm facing away from it. So, you know, I'm going to count that one as a win for my ample bosom and call it good because I'm looking for the bright side of things right now.

In other news, the Captain was supposed to have today off but a few of his soldiers needed to report on base at five to do a thing they've put off until the last minute so he had to text them to remind them this afternoon. Then at five thirty he received a text from his boss saying some of his soldiers did not report so Captain needed to round them up and go to base himself to deal with that, which was annoying because it's a day off, but it's his job so you can't very well tell them no. However, he was so annoyed he decided to take the Demon Spawn and one of Demon Spawn's very loud electronic toys with him because if he had to suffer, everyone else was going to suffer by golly! So we're apparently using the child for revenge now. I'm surprisingly okay with it.

I've knit my first mitten, which I'm proud of. It's a convertible mitten so you can flip the top part backwards to expose the fingers for phone texting and whatnot. It has a thumb, even. But now I have to knit a second one and I'm a little concerned they won't match, that I'll end up adding or deleting a row somewhere or something.

I'm also hoping to get some writing done this year, but I said that last year and only managed maybe ten thousand words of fic, and now I'm playing WoW again so I doubt I'll even get that much done.


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